: Good morning Thailand! Hello Lindsey, Hotchkis, and Cadillac Service department

07-08-08, 03:34 AM
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I know some of you missed me :histeric: and its a slow morning here so I thought I'd check in!

I've spent the last six weeks or so in Thailand touring the best Muay Thai camps in the country with a buddy of mine and training with some real champions. I started MT back in the states about 4 years ago and kind of thought I knew what was up... then I came here and met kids that were 14 years old that could whup my ass. 6 weeks later I'm doing aiiiiiight.

The beaches aint so bad either....


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Anyway before I left I meant to thank a few people.

Lindsey: Stopped here during my drive up from Florida to Boston for some parts installs, short shifter (more on this in a second), Rear strut tower bar, and a general checkup (Thanks Bill!). I cant begin to tell you how professional the whole staff was, including Alex the guy I dealt with directly. They had me out in my loaner and off and around DC in minutes.

When I came back to pickup my car I noticed they had preformed the 30k service - even though we discussed I had done all this myself. Never fear though! in another 5 minutes the whole $200ish service was knocked off the bill and I was right out the door and on my way to Boston.

I couldn't have been happier with my experience. I didn't have much chance to play with the new shifter on the drive up (lots of highway... ) but believe me the rstb is really felt in those decreasing radius on and off ramps. One of the better cheap suspension mods you can do.

Bravo Lindsey!

Sadly back in Boston things started to go wrong. Almost immediately i noticed a bunch of extra noise from the front end. Any time I'd hit a bump I'd get this bang, If I turned the wheel too far there were new noises. Ugh!

A little bit of searching lead me to believe the set of Hotchkis sway bars I'd ordered from Tirerack might have some old parts on them. Armed with this (very little) knowledge I called Hotchkis directly.

Very quickly I had a real tech on the phone and we got down to the heart of the matter. I quickly described my problems, what I thought it was from reading the forums - and just as quickly admitted I hadnt been under the car yet and no I couldnt answer most of his questions.

What did Hotchkis do?

The shipped me a boat load of parts. Everything the Tech thought had been updated since the 06 bars started shipping, and everything he thought it could be. For free. What a company.

Soon as I get back I'm getting baby up on a lift and fixing up that front sway bar... But 50k miles is fast approaching.

I also was having this problem with the shifter didnt always want to go into gear. Not just first from a start where sometimes you have to let the clutch out again and put it back in.. but 2nd. 3rd. 5th. I bought my car used with 17k miles.... and I'm want to believe whomever had it before might have beat the crap out it. The rear tires were the first thing to go after I bought it.

I thought maybe it was just the crappy stock shifter and the B&B short shifter and UUC bushings would help. They did, somewhat, but I'm thinking with the end of my warrenty period coming up now is the time to do something about it.

I feel like this has been covered, but when you bring in a car for synchro issues and its got a short shifter and bushings - what do the dealerships usually say?

Does anyone know a good MA/Boston area Dealership?

If you're still reading, you must be having a slow morning too.

Dude in the middle is the current world champion and the winner of the TV series contender asia. Hes actually kind of shy despite the fact he's a killing machine.