: Experience with replacement performance chips

07-07-08, 03:56 PM
Does anyone have any experience with the various performance replacement ROMS available, SLR morotsports is one I have been considering. I have a 1998 Deville, with 90,000 miles on the Northstar engine. Is this a good idea, can it really be done by a non-professional, are there any long term negative consequences? Any info would be appreciated.



07-10-08, 08:28 PM
Barry I am not familiar with SLR morotsports, so they can't do it. They would have needed to get some information from myself or Wester's.
Beware of NON A.J. tunes
Hey that is not a ROM module

07-11-08, 12:04 PM
The chips I have seen in the aftermarket (like SLP) have very little changes to them, often only a degree or 2 more timing at WOT and that is it. Find a real tuner, local preffered or one that will work with you on your tune and go from there. a "real" tune, expect in the $175-$300 range for a real tuned chip.

People I know who do real tunes:
Myself (of course!) (I have to see if I can do the 307, I haven't done one yet, but will dig up on them)
Westers Garage
Ed Wright of FastChips

I need the broadcast code on the chip to know what can be done with it, so if you call pull the ECM and look at it, read me the numbers that would be a big help, everyone is going to need that no matter what.

09-07-08, 01:59 PM
hello the best is trust professional tuner let nobody "play" with your engine
and hope you found one ...

i have a project to run E85 ( Bioethanol) on my cadillac
i programmed several smart cars to support it
i also work on a mitsubishi colt turbo base ( smart forfour is a colt engine tuned from 150 - 177 hp by Brabus and that is one of my cars for daily use actually a tuned it to 210 hp 0-60 6.4 seconds ;) but i want also convert to e85the cadillac' here in the familly

09-07-08, 10:40 PM
What Cadillac you wanting to run on E85? I have "converted" if you will and run over 30K miles on my LT1 with E85 keeping within 4 mpg of gasoline.

10-10-08, 09:00 PM
question who are you? what are your credentials? can you program a 2001 deville? i looked at the fastchips website and they had nothing for northstar listed any help will appreciated thank you MrJB!

10-10-08, 09:12 PM
Honestly if you want to just run E85, fast easy, drop in 1.5x larger injectors and go with it. BUT you are "stuck" with E85, and won't be able to go back to gas (too rich).

Ed @ Fastchips I don't think is into the N* yet. Talk to AJ, he is. He has a darn nice running DHS for another forum member here. It is new territory, not a whole lot on them yet. But tis coming... Talk to AJ about what he can do. Credentials? Read all my posts... :)

10-11-08, 02:45 PM
Mrjb9475, Go through the Northstar Performance, Seville, and Deville threads concerning PCM's and tuning. There are no chips, PCM's, aftermarket programmers, nothing for the 2001 Deville. Not for my 2002, either. One person, AJxtcman, is working on PCM programming along with a couple of other members as test mules, but nothing is perfected yet. We all just have to wait.

Your best bet for a while would be to go to a CORSA cat-back exhaust system. Otherwise, aftermarket MAF's, air filters, and other bolt-ons do essentially nothing for performance; actually they lower gas mileage and tend to insert a flat spot in the midrange throttle response.

Look at the tire sticker on your driver's door: that will temm you where the speed limiter is set for your car. S = 112 mph. H = 130, and Z is (for a DTS) as fast as it will go, somewhere around 135-145, depending on drag and overall engine condition. I'm not sure there is even such a thing as a Z DTS. If you have a base Deville, you're computer-limited to 112, period. Look at the sticker under the spare tire cover and write down all the 3-character codes and enter them (pay attention to 1's and I's) into www.cadillacfaq.com/rpo/index.php. That will give you all the RPO's (Regular Production Option) built into your car.

10-11-08, 10:05 PM
thanks for the info i love my deville and as personal experience my fuel shut of is at 111mph not that i drive that fast all the time however i whould like to pull away from the Competition my 94 eldo had the z-rated option and just kept going