View Full Version : Help with lowering rear of 2004 Lade

07-07-08, 03:36 PM
Can I lower just the rear of my AWD Lade 2-3" so that it doesn't look like an dog with its butt in the air. I will occasionally be towing around one of my cars and am not looking to lower the whole thing, just enough to make it sit level. I have heard of getting other keys for the front torsion bars but it sounds like it will ride rougher and I would prefer to have it still ride like a caddy.


07-07-08, 08:47 PM
I believe that the rear end sits that way to level it off when towing or hauling. They do sell just rear springs to lower it but...I would honestly say lower the whole thing and not just the back. You always have the option of adding helper bags in the back for heavy loads though. From what I have been told, torsion keys are a way to lower the front but not the best way. Spindles would be ideal. But, if you just want an economical way of getting a slight adjustment do the keys. Hope that nudges you one way or another. Sorry, I am no expert.