: BYRON DRAGWAY (near chicago and rockford), we can get our own lane, meet up, GET IN

Crown Vic Owner
07-06-08, 06:09 PM
Ok, byron dragway says 10 people, we get our own lane. Simple as that. 25 to race, 10 to spectate (might be up to 15 now)

Tech is not that bad, under 14.0 i think you need a brain bucket.

I had a good time there, i think its a good place for a meet.

08-18-08, 04:30 PM
After joining this site last week (just picked up an STS-V), I wandered into this forum. Immediately I noticed you popping up drag racing threads and saw nobody replying. I'm out at Byron alot with my Cobra and plan on getting some baseline numbers on the caddy. Next time you want to meet up out there, let me know. I'll be there with one car or the other.

08-21-08, 12:10 AM
Yeah, me and Crown Vic here seem to be the only ones interested in doing anything between the yearly midwest meet. I am up for it and if no other family emergencies occur I will come.