: 99 deville amp and wiring question

07-05-08, 06:38 PM
ok so I am in the process of putting in my sound system for my 1999 deville concours and I am tapping the wires right next to the amp for rca line out. Which set of wires that go into the amp are the wires from the radio? Left or right? And also 12volt wiring diagram doesnt help much so I was wondering what should I use for a +12 volt for the amp?

one last question: anyone know of a good location to use for a power source? I cant seem to find a hole in the firewall. It looks like an orange wire is the power wire to the fuse blocks, should I tap that or straight from the battery? or any other spots?

07-06-08, 03:24 AM
On your amp if you can't find a hole make one make sure your drilling where there are no brake lines wires or any thing make sure you pout a groument around the wire and tapp the amps power wire into the battery . On your amp there are rcas the goto you receiver aka radio. On the amp it has left right if you r amping a sub depending on the amp and sub idk what you have I would run it mono and adjust the gain. Also on your amp there is a remote you plug that up to the radios antenna so whe the radio comes on so wil the amps. Any more questions repost