View Full Version : 98 Seville speaker blown

07-04-08, 08:19 PM
My front left dashboard speaker (the little round one in the utmost left corner) is blown and i havent messed with it yet but I was curious if anyone has any idea what kind of hell im in for if i want it replaced. Wanted to know if im going to need to rip the dash out, or if i can replace it from below or if its one of those handy pop out things where i can just pop it out and pop another in.

07-06-08, 03:38 AM
I'm not fimilar with your year but most devilles you can take the top of the dash off and its a pain to unscrew the screws between the glass and the speaker but take a picture of the overall das and I can tell you if it like mine and I might be able to help u

07-06-08, 12:02 PM
Remove the top dash pad. Slide hard thin plastic strips into each side of the dash vent louvers in order to trip the slide catches. Work the 4 louver packs out of the dash; There are screws up in the recesses. Lift the pad and disconnect the wiring harnesses, being very careful not to push the light sensors down, out of their holes, or you'll have a fishing expedition on your hands. May be 2 screws, one at each end of the defroster vent panel.

STS2003 is good at this sort of thing......I just go nuts !