: Weak sub response at low vol. 1998-99 vs 2000-04 Seville Bose amplifier interchange?

07-04-08, 01:04 PM
1998-99 Bose UX9 part no: 25686311
2000-04 Bose UX9 part no: 25708822

Does anyone know if the two above part numbers are interchangable? I have a 98 Seville STS with the Bose Ux9. I get VERY little bass at low-mid volume. Bass setting is at max. I get much more bass from my non-bose 01 Seville SLS. Also my 97 STS w/ Bose is much better. I don't believe that should be the case. So, I'm wondering what's causing this. I've had that amp act flaky from time to time, so I'm thinking of replacing it. As long as I am, I'm wonding if using the 00+ amp will help the bass? I've already looked an the connector diagrams for the amps on AllData, they look the same on both systems...

I've seen posts from owners saying the Bose is great and others say the bass is very week. I'm wondering, why the huge variation? I know the head units are the same and as far as I know so are the speakers. So is the difference the amp?

07-04-08, 02:03 PM
the HUs are not the same
in 02 they changed
and i have the bose in my 98 and 03 STS
they sound exactly the same

07-04-08, 04:13 PM
OK. Well, if the head unit changed in 02. Then 98-01 head units are the same. So, that would suggest that a 98 head unit would work on a 00-04 amp and a 00-02 head unit would work with a 98-99 amp.
So, what do you think about my actual questions? Will the 00+ amp work in the 98? And/or why does my 98 have almost no bass from the sub at low to mid volume?

07-04-08, 06:16 PM
i suppose it should all things being the same it should work, doesnt mean it will though
i wouldnt pay 900+ for a new amp to find out

and idk i would say maybe your door woofers have a melted coil, a VERY common problem on the 98-00 models theres even a tsb for it, without the woofer being able to make a full motion the bass would sound less than optimal

07-05-08, 09:05 AM
Definately not $900. $60 on eBay. I'll have to go specifically listen to the rear doors. I've already replaced the front ones. They'd buzz often.