: Escalade instrument cluster need Caddy mechanic help

Lu Scola
07-03-08, 09:39 PM
I bought a 2003 EXT from the auction today. I biught the truck really cheap because it was announced as TMU (true milage unknown). The cluster inside does not work. I got one from the junk yard this afternoon from a I think a Platinum ESV. The cluster has white face guages and a digital looking message center on the top left corner. The plug also is on top instead on the back portion as the original escalade cluster. I plugged it up and it plugs in correctly but none of the guages work, nothing works at all . I grabbed another cluster out of another Escalade on my lot and plugged it up and the originals work fine. I plugged the Platinum cluster into the other regular escalade and it does not work in that one either. So is it that this cluster does not work correctly, or is it wired different than a normal cluster.

Question: Is there a wiring schematic I could compare the two clusters wiring?

Last Question: Is there any chance of moving/rewiring the pins to make this cluster work?

I cannot return it so I am stuck with it if I cant get it to work. So last resort I will ebay it to try to get my money I spent back.

07-04-08, 08:30 AM
GM Truck clusters are pretty year specific. If that cluster is out of a 05-06 Truck it wont work in a 03.

Lu Scola
07-04-08, 11:54 PM
The guy said it was from a 2002?

08-14-08, 08:26 PM
I've recently received a recall letter from GM about the instrument cluster, call the dealer and give them your VIN and go from there. I have an 04' EXT Sometimes I would have problem with my fuel gauge, and they told me that I have to wait until it breaks.

Good luck,

08-14-08, 09:05 PM
Clusters usually require programming to the vehicle they are installed in.
You might be able to make the swap work, but you need some equipment to get it working.

How does the original "not work"?
There is a special policy regarding some years for certain conditions.
With the true mileage unknown, it may not be possible to get policy coverage though, it is only good for a certain number of years within a specific mileage.

Lu Scola
08-16-08, 01:35 AM
Thanks for the replies. I sold the cluster and bought one for the correct years. There is no need to program unless you want the milage calabrated. I have mine in and looks and works great!

08-16-08, 10:37 AM
We can only control the odometer on exchange units sent to us from the service centers.
On Escalades the cluster must be serviced programmed to operate properly.
If you don't, it will work but it can have issues.