View Full Version : Head Studs?

06-07-04, 08:15 AM
Why doesn't everyone who puts new head gaskets on the N*'s just go right to studs?

Is there a kit available to do this?

Isn't it possible or reasonable to expect it to work better?

Thanks for any input as I have the engine out now and am getting ready to pull the heads today.


06-07-04, 11:19 AM
Studs are not any stronger than the head bolts.....

The issue is the threads in the aluminum of the block.....and if the block threads are damaged/stripped/pulled out then studs do nothing until the threads are properly repaired with the correct timeserts. Once the timeserts are installed the production head bolts work fine.

Studs are used on racing engines where frequent disassembly is required but they serve no real purpose in repairing the engine for damaged head bolt holes....the holes have to be repaired anyway with the timeserts...studs or bolts would pull out the same if the threaded holes in the block are damaged.

06-07-04, 12:02 PM
Thought there might be an advantage in having the stud threaded to the proper depth and "locked" in before applying the torque, incase you were battling slight thread damage or debri in the threads.


06-07-04, 11:07 PM
The main advantage of studs is that the nut on the stud is being turned agianst a hardened thread...so it doesn't wear or gall or anything. This is great if the engine is being torn down a lot.

If head bolt breakage is a problem..or excessively high clamp loads are needed....a stud could be made of a special steel for maximum strength and then just cut to length and threaded on both ends to make the stud instead of having to form the head of the bolt and such. Good for race engines that need custom material bolt material.

Studs are no stronger than the thread that they are screwed into so in the case of the Northstar they don't really buy you anything as the thread formed in the block will always be the weak link...