: Removing old paint

06-07-04, 05:28 AM
Can i get your advices - now i started strip old paint with some chemical stuff and as upper paint comes off nicely, the primer wont go.
We have here one old man, who restore old cars whole his life. Here is his web site about his latest job:wooden framed BMW (http://www.unicweb.ee/autorestauraator/atr_01.htm)(In bottom of page is link to the next page, called "EDASI") I talked with him, and he gave me lots of good advices. He told me, that best way to strip paint, is chemical, then you dont have any mechanical marks on metal. He also told, that if this primer holds so well in metal, its no point to strip it. It is not react with newer paints eather, if i cant get it off with this chemical stuff.
I dont want to use sand blasting, as we dont have here quality service. :crying:
What do you think?

06-07-04, 11:20 PM
Use chemicals. The old man is right. If the primer stays, then it's just as good as bare metal.

You could use a very fine grit sandpaper, but it will take a lot of work and a LOT of sandpaper. With chemicals, you apply them and just wait. Be patient. Eventually they work. Maybe you need a different chemical to break through the primer?

06-08-04, 05:26 AM
Yes, i think, old primer stays there. i put there new layer acid primer and after this goes new paint.