: Door ding

07-02-08, 09:54 PM
Was just at grocery store - go to open the driver's door ...there it is - a scratch with a little ding in the door just above the driver's door handle.

Let me say - I am a 40 year old man. I consider myself fairly mature. I have to confess that if the person who just dinged the door on my brand new (to me at least) STS was within reach - I would have hurt that person ! :yup:

So - off to the body shop I go....
Any one have an opinion on either how easy or how expensive it might be to get this fixed ( 05 STS - Red exterior ) ?

07-02-08, 10:20 PM
A "dent wizard" could make it look perfectly straight for between $40 to $100 depending on where you are. As far as the scratch goes that may be a different issue... may be able to be waxed out. Don't ever let anyone put bondo on a ding and then have to have it painted... not necessary and will never look right.

07-03-08, 06:53 PM
first off, dentless repair is tailor made for what happened to you, for the dent. i had one on my door and he came out to the house and made the repair in 20 mins....and the dealer picked up the tab.

as far as the scratch is concerned, if the paint has been damaged but the primer isn't visible, i.e. it's not too deep, you can get out some scratches with polishing compound and then a three step procedure such as mothers (a cleaner, glaze and wax). this will work on moderate scratches.

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07-03-08, 09:16 PM
how did you manage to get the dealer to pick up the tab ? I can't see that being a waranteed item...

07-04-08, 10:21 AM
i had the car serviced and when i picked up the car the sun was just low enough in front of the car that as i walked by from the rear i noticed the ding as the light hit the side of the car. i went in and complained to the service writer, he got out the sheet that the attendant makes out when you drop the car off and he had noted the ding in the door. i was resigned to picking up the tab myself, but i called the service manager to find out who they use and he was nice enough to have the tech stop by my house, do the repair and pay for it. i cannot say enough good things about the dealership that has been sevicing the sts...and they're not the dealership i bought the sts from, my dealer sold the business to a land developer.

from my experience, the dealer network is bending over backwards to keep their customers happy..i am proof of that.

ps: after the repair i realized that it was a soccer mom in the library parking lot who was the culprit...it was very slight...i couldn't see the ding even with my glasses on if the car was in the garage out of direct sunlight.

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07-04-08, 12:53 PM
Just a point of observation. the greatest culprit of door ding damage is children.

1. I have watched people take a car full of children to the grocery, Wallymart, CostCo, or Home Depot - maybe sitters are too expensive. Besides, they need these critters to ride in the carts and scream and cry.

These children insist on getting in and out of the car on their own. They swing open their car door with abandonment and "smacko" someone has a smash, dent, or ding. The parents do not know or care. The rear doors does the worst damage due the shape of the edge.

2. What can you do? a. nothing. b. get a handicap hanger and park in handicap - wide spaced. c. park on the edge of the lot. d. Catch 'em and confront the parents who will probably deny everything. :banghead:

07-04-08, 02:00 PM
Lifer, some nice observations (probably all true too). I generally park way-out in the nether regions and just chalk it up to a nice long walk and credit myself with some exercise. Real car guys probably agree; I notice 'everything' and a new scratch makes me crazy.

07-04-08, 04:02 PM
I don't worry about door dings anymore. Too many inconsiderate people out there. And others that just don't pay attention. The way I see it, what the heck...all the cars I've owned in the past have just ended up in the Used Car Lot at the dealer. If I was going to fix it though, I would give one of those dent repair places a try.

07-05-08, 09:24 AM
Find a dealership to help you get the dent fixed with paintless repair for sure, a good paintless repair tech can remove quite a bit of a down-ding. As long as the base coat paint layer is not scratched they can sand the clear coat with very fine paper and a dual action DA and then polish it with "3M-Finesse-It" polish and you will never know it was there. There should be someone who can do this for you close to you, they can charge from 50-200 dollars per ding depending on the size and location of the repair. The clear-coat can be sanded as long as the person doing it does not burn through the layer into the base coat and there is 2.0-2.5 mils of clear on the car depending on the area in question, horizontals have more than verticals. (Sorry for rambling on and going so detailed on you all, I JUST LOVE PAINT!!!) There is good advice given buy all on this and it's good to see we cadillac people take care of each other. :)One last thing.... NEVER use a wool pad and NEVER use a polishing wheel that is not a dual action to polish your clear coat! The 2K Clear Coat requires foam waffle pads and DA's to be used otherwise you will "swirl" your car badly. This should never have to be done unless what we have been talking about above is needed but sometimes people like to do the old hand polish and treat today's paint finish like the old finishes.
Jeff :)

07-05-08, 03:13 PM
after the episode at the library, it was a volvo and you're probably correct; it was a kid as the culprit, i won't park at the library unless i'm in a "free zone" especially because the spots are extremely narrow...that's the real problem....most places i go the spots are wide enough to allow for the "swing it open as hard as i can" kid and not hit the door of the adjoining car....

06 sts6

07-05-08, 03:36 PM
nope....i was correct; it was the soccer mom not the kid. the ding was on the front passenger door, right side....coinciding with the driver's door of the volvo station wagon also pulled in nose first....hey it's not her car....right?....

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