: 05 STS V6 newbie questions

06-29-08, 11:28 AM
just bought this 05 sts v6 used.
only problem i've found so far is a small leak around the rack/pinion boot by front driver's door.
have an appointment with dealer Tuesday to have replaced under warranty.

While it's there, I'd like them to "look it over" so to speak for anything else obvious (recalls, etc.) that needs done. In your opinion - would I have to pay for that ? I'm willing if so, just unsure how Caddy service is about being pro-active with their maintenance and finding things tha need attention vs. me having to bring everything to their attention.

I have two other issues I'm considering raising after doing extensive searches on this board:
1) I notice a downshift during decelleration when hitting 35 MPH. I feel it. don't feel anything with any of the upshifts. couldn't find anything on this board that sounded similar. The tranny reprogram doesn't appear to be applicable to 05 V6 RWD equipped cars - true ?
2) I have the seat wiggle issue which I'll raise.
3) This rear diff common problem - would this leak be obvious, or do I need to look for it ?
4) anything else you'd ask them to check if you were the new owner of a used 05 V6 RWD ?

thanks much....

06-29-08, 09:05 PM
OK here goes.....If you ask your dealer to 'check out the vehicle' you'll get charged, they have to pay the mechanics. I once took my 00 STS in for a oil change and tire rotation. I was able to watch them work on my car, they put the car on a lift to change the oil and do you think they would rotate the tires at the same time while it was on the lift....NO. They finished the oil change then moved the car to another area, put it back on a lift and then rotated the tires. Yes they do some weird things.

It's possible if your having some other work done, wether it be warranted or not, they might not charge you.

As far as the downshift problem they can reprogram the transmission.

The rear seal, if leaking, will leave a little puddle under your car where you park it. Even if it's not leaking it's warranted so I would have them replace it with the new type seal anyway. They will fix the seat wqiggle because that is a common problem. And if they want your business, and they do, they'll usually bend over backwards.

06-30-08, 05:13 AM
Your number one question, I believe you are experiencing the lock up torque converter releasing (for better coast down fuel mileage); it stays engaged for better engine braking until that time. (so the tranny is not really downshifting; actually just releasing)

Your number three question, there is a list of cars that are included in a recall (due to an inferior pinion seal). If your car in not in the group covered, and your seal is not leaking, you should be fine.

06-30-08, 08:51 PM
Thx for the replies. So C&C, you're saying the noticeable downshift is a "working as designed" deal ? If so - I'll feel better. never had a vehicle wher I could feel it as such....

07-01-08, 05:19 AM
Try it on an open road (no traffic). Accelerate to top gear, then let off your gas peddle. The transmission will provide engine braking as you coast down (to about 35mph) then the lockup torque converter will release (you will feel the car almost feel like it is surging ahead) but in reality the decceleration is just being reduced. I'm assuming that this is what you are feeling.