: Northstar fuel rail redesign

06-28-08, 11:01 PM
The fuel rail on my 99 STS began leaking fuel a while ago. The construction of the fuel rail is to blame. The rail consists of 8 plastic pods that hold the injectors with molded plastic tubes between these pods. Mine began leaking out of the hose between 2 injectors.

I went to the dealer to get a new one, muttering about the cost of it, only to be pleasantly surprisedat the new rail. GM has issued a redesign. The new rail has a few key upgrades. It's a full metal construction. The fuel pressure regulator, formerly located on the rear bank of cylinders, is relocated to the front bank, the fuel return line does not go under the throttle body like the old one does, and the fuel line pressure release is moved to the rear cylinder bank. The new rail does not require a dedicated ground as the old one did, it groundes through the way it mounts to the intake manifold, by mounting under the engine cover studs.

Just thought id pass along the information to you all.

06-28-08, 11:10 PM
It is probably the same stainless steel rail that was used on the '95 - '97 recalls.

06-29-08, 09:31 AM
Yes, that entire series had a TSB and GM initiated fuel rail recall. I think the 2000 redesign went to metal rails OEM. Somewhrer in here or Seville I recall seeing a 99 with plastic rail, maybe a year or so back. The guy was having fits splicing in pieces of fuel hose.