: New System Just Installed - Pics + Questions

06-27-08, 09:32 PM
Ok. So here are some pics of the system and I also have some questions for you guys. First off lets start with what is included in my new setup:

Factory Navigation System
Door Speakers - Factory Bose
Q-Logic Kick Panel Enclosures
Infinity Reference 5020cs speakers in the Q-Logic Enclosures
MTX Thunder Amp to push the Infinity Speakers
Custom Midgate Enclosure
2 - 12inch Kicker Solobaric L7's Subs
Kicker ZX1500.1 Amp to push the subs
Power Acoustik 10 Farad Capacitor

That basically sums up my new system. So far it sounds pretty good. my only concern that I have noticed is that it seems like the passenger side kick panel enclosures seem alot louder than my side. this is at low volume. when i blast it it all sounds fine but when i have it low it seems like there is a lot of "static" on the driver side kick panels and clear sounds from the passenger side. i noticed that they left an old power wire that was like a 8guage that is just powering a cb/scanner and the viper alarm. I wonder if somehow that kick panel is picking up interference from that.. any help would be appreciated. but besides the static it just seems like it is low. I guess it could also be the songs themselves... maybe they are produced on the cd like that. thanks for any input

Here are the pics.

06-27-08, 11:12 PM
nice clean install...what factory nav did you get? I just installed a factory touch screen and was curious which model u got? Can you take some pics of the nav?

06-28-08, 06:43 PM
The nav is the stock nav that came with the truck when I bought it brand new in 06. Its the touchscreen model.

06-30-08, 08:31 AM
You will have to watch the lower speakers you installed in the winter time, I have several customers that have had problems with melting snow ruining them, be careful in the snow. :)

07-03-08, 02:41 PM
I am no expert but I would assume that it may just appear to sound that way. It can be the way the songs are produced via left and right channels. How about just switching either the RCA cables from left to right or the speaker wires from left to right to see if the sound changes from left to right. That should eliminate whether or not it is from the production of the music. If the right side still seems loud than pull out the power cables that can be interfering with the signals in the speaker wires. If none of that changes than it is just a matter of imaging dynamics.

07-03-08, 03:23 PM
to be honest i think they just wired this crap way wrong... first off.. i had bestbuy do the install.. that was probably my first mistake. the only benefit is that they warranty their work for a lifetime and i dont see bestbuy going out of business any time soon.. so anyway.. i too the MTX amp and switched the rca's around.. to my surprise it didnt change anything.. the sound still came out the same exact way.. not sure how that is even possible.. the only thing i can think of is that they tapped a speaker wire (probably just picked right or left side) and threw on one of those "Y" rca things that changes speaker wire into rca outputs.. and thats why im getting the same output whenever i reverse the wires.. the weird thing is just that absolutely nothing but static comes out of the driver side(even the stock speakers, i think) until i turn it up.. however.. i unplug both rca's and the stock speakers sound fine..

also not sure if anyone noticed but is that a big enough speaker wire for those subss.. i feel lke he wired those really really weird.. i have never seen them wire subs like that.. they only have 1 wire running to the power out of the amp and 1 wire runnign the ground of the amp.. seems liek a kind of thin wire to try and run 1500 watts...

07-03-08, 05:20 PM
I think 8 gauge is about right for the subs. rarely would you ever need to go down to 4 on speaker wire. The subs are wired in parallel? so basically if you have 4 ohm speakers, they double to 8 and then bridge it back down to 4ohm. It mostly depends on the type of speaker they are using. Typically you would just wire them in series. positive positive, negative negative. so two 4 ohm speakers would be bridged down to 2ohm. A lot more power going to lower impedence but creates more heat and stress on the amp. Unless the amp is of course rated for it.

Looking at your set up, you have some pretty decent equipment and it looks like it is wired pretty good. Looks like 2 gauge in to the cap and distribution block and then 4 out to the amps. Or, they could have run 0 in and 2 out. You can check the wires and they usually give the gauge listed on the wire.

Honestly, if you kept your factory head unit...than most likely they did run an adapter from speaker to rca. That can definitely be a culprit of quality or signal. I've never really been great at explaining or describing the things i know or do. I am definitely a hands on person. So much easier showing and explaining. LOL.

I would take it back and have them go over it WITH you. Otherwise you will never be able to troubleshoot or understand your own system later on. If they wont than they just want you to keep spending money with them. But, I believe you already figured out the basis of where the problem is. Wish I could be more help. I guess the question would be more of...are you happy with the slight flaw or is it buggin the heck out of ya.

Lu Scola
07-07-08, 01:58 AM
BEST BUY??? Why would you take your EXT there??? Ok you need to take your truck to a custom shop and get a amp rack built. Its a way better clean look. Check out my EXT. I am in the process of bulding a enclosed rack with only the componants showing ie; Amps, capacitors, digital distribution blocks. It will hide all the wiring. Why would they put the speaker line inputs on the face of the wall?.....I will post pics of the finished product. I would not let best buy install a air freshner on my rearview mirror. I get all there F*CK UP at my shop. Them and C. City. My advice find a credible shop. BTW where did you get the kick panel enclosures. I have 6- 1/2 Kicker subs I would put there.

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Lu Scola
07-07-08, 02:07 AM
BTW where are you located. If you want your truck done right come see me if area permitted. I would custom suade that wall the color of your interior, remove the speaker inputs on the wall, and make it look like it came from GM that way. My shop warranties all our work but unlike Best Buy our work doesnt come back unless they want more stuff added. Let me know. I specialize in Escalades. I have done seriously hundreds of them including famious athletes in my area. A few Baltimore Ravens, Orioles, and local rap arstists and even Allen Iverson's Bentley Gt and his RR Phantom.

Crown Vic Owner
07-07-08, 02:37 AM
Why didnt ya go with Kappas?

Lu Scola
07-07-08, 03:59 AM
He should of did the new Kicker 6-1/2 Subs and the Kicker KS25 componant tweeters with included crossovers and a 2 way Kicker in his door speakers. I did the Kicker subs in a Escalade's front doors, 3 way speakers in the rear doors, and 2 solabarics in the midgate. LLLOOOUUUDDD!!!

To be honest I would ebay your factory nav (or keep for when you trade it in) and the indash cd changer, and do a pioneer D3 navigation double din unit, and put a Pioneer 6 disc indash DVD Changer in the lower bezel. It has way better Navigation/TV/Ipod Video,and DVD Changer, Sirius, XM with live nav traffic, bluetooth, and much much more. Did you see my trucks set up. I also have Sirius Satelitte TV in my truck. I love it.

BTW how much did you pay for the enclosures. I found a pair for $130 shipped without speakers in them. I dont really care for MTX or Infinity. Im ordering a set this week. Kicker subs all the way around... the way to go.

Those adaptors to hook up amps to factory radios are not great. What adaptor did they use? There are only a few pretty good ones out there. It depends which one they used. If you have any questions or advice feel free to PM me. I have been doing mobile A/V for over 12 years and can get that truck a showpiece for suprising low pricing. It helps to know someone who has who has wholesale connects. I can get alot for 1/2 the cost that best buy charges.

07-08-08, 08:32 PM
Where did you get the midgate box... I've been looking for something like that.

07-08-08, 11:28 PM
Just a quick update.. turns out the Pac-audio module was messing up the bass response signal or something so they went with the regular hi/lo module that they use in most installs.. so the bass is fixed...

as for the speaker issue.. turns out that the amp i had was crapped out which i cant blame anyone but myself.. it was a used amp that i pulled from a junk car so figures.. it was overheating and the amp would short circuit itself or whatever and ended up blowing a speaker out.... so i put a profile amp in and the speaker issue is solved..

everything sounds great so i am a happy guy lol...

Vietfob: I got the sub box from caraudiofactory.com... here is the link http://caraudiofactory.com/chevy-avalanche-c-22_27_48.html

They make some nice boxes.. you can get single sub, dual sub, even triple sub enclosure.. so you have a nice variet to choose from.. good thing about the box is that you can still fold the midgate down if you want to and the back of the box doesnt stick that far into the bed so it is definately a nice investment.. and it isnt that expensive...

07-08-08, 11:49 PM
Thanks... I've been looking for something like this for a long time.

07-09-08, 12:34 AM
congratulations on getting it resolved. Glad you are happy with it.

Lu Scola
07-10-08, 12:26 AM
Im ordering a box like yours with 2- 12" solabarics. I am going to modify the enclosure and do a black suade wrap on it. I am going to remove the speaker wire terminals and relocate them out of sight, and maybe squeeze a monitor on the face either below or above the port. Im not sure until I get my hands on the box to see.

Im going to try to contact the company and actually see if they will build the enclosure and leave the face blank for me to do whatever I want with it. Im sure after I get my hands on the first one, I will be building these myself and making some good money off of them. Some of the few people who do have sub walls in my area, there wall is not functional. Its just built to be stationary, and not fold down. I may build a few and put em on fleebay and see what they bring. It is really cheap to build the enclosure. Thanks for the link. Your truck looks good, whats the link to the mesh grille???