: CAGS Eliminator/Check Engine Light

06-27-08, 12:00 PM
Yesterday I installed a CAGS disable kit I purchased from TPI Parts. Now I have a check engine light on. Could these be related?

06-27-08, 06:00 PM
Probably. Double check the connection and that it is installed in the correct harness. If it is one made for a Vette or F-Body, send it back.

Short term solution - Uninstall it. Drive it for a few drive cycles (key on/off several times) and see if the CEL goes off.

06-27-08, 11:32 PM
they say to unplug batery when doing it. did u do that? i didnt on mine and it works fine. dont know if that might of done some thing

06-28-08, 03:55 AM
No issues with mine either. I also left battery connected during install.

06-28-08, 06:21 AM
Never heard of any issues with cags. Did mine with no problems.
Maybe you knoked something loose?

06-28-08, 07:34 AM
get the code read at autozone

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06-28-08, 10:48 PM
Disconnect battery; remove CAGS, reconnect. Drive for a week. No error, then it was CAGS. Make sure you have the caddy cags; if so trade for a new one, verify connectors (see ***) or get the proper cags. Good luck

06-29-08, 11:28 AM
the connectors should look like the ones in my sig.