: Blurry HUD - GM developing new winshield

06-26-08, 04:21 PM
I dropped my 05 STS4 off at the dealer to get a few things fixed under warranty, nothing major (blurry hud, loose trunk net clip, squeak in steering column, and crappy gas mileage trying to get an injector cleaning under warranty). Anyways they just called me saying they are almost done with the car. They replaced the Heads up unit which they said mostly fixed the blur problem. The other part is they cannot tell if I have the proper winshield (If you have HUD you have a different, much more expensive winshield, $1000+). They think replacing the winshield should completely fix it but GM is on backorder because they are in the process of making a new winshield for HUDs. Wonder what is differant. Guess it reflects the image better.

Benjamin Simon
06-28-08, 01:53 PM
how did the injector cleaning under warranty go??

06-28-08, 04:05 PM
i found that my 06's hud and a portion of the plastic that the unit shines through, was frosted over. i was told that mine was not the only one. mine did have the hud windshield, and it could not be seen with polarized sunglasses at all.


06-28-08, 04:22 PM
Well got it back yesterday, took them a day to get a part for the steering column. But they didn't do anything for fuel mileage, said it's normal (I drive fast!), want $110 for injector cleaning, said they dont take them out and clean them, they use some compressed stuff they blast through the throttle body. So there was frosting on the HUD so they replaced the unit, still looks the same blurriness to me. Hopefully when they get the new winshields in that will fix it. Well I held off installing my Corsa exhaust and Volant CAI until after this since I wanted to try and get something done about mileage, thinking that would be their argument, but it didnt matter anyways. Well time to get that stuff on now!