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06-26-08, 01:41 AM
I was looking at a 98 STS today with some miles on it 150,000 to be exact very clean, looks and feels to be taken care of very well. My question is do all years have the HG issue or are some years worse than others?

06-26-08, 06:09 AM
From the forum poll, 97-99 seems to be the worst right now although that may be a statistic caused by the age and average mileage of these cars. By 150K on a 98 it seems like the HGs should have gone already since failure tends to occur around 100,000 miles but maybe the car you're looking at was driven a lot of highway. As the first model year of the new Seville design 98s seem to also have an interesting collection of other random issues. If its cheap money and you have the time or $ to deal with possible issues I'd consider it, but I would never pay premium $$ for any 98 Seville. Knowing what I've learned here I probably wouldn't have bought my 99 either but too late now. Maybe my mechanic who did the HGs will call today and tell me why the AC stopped working...

06-26-08, 10:13 AM
A 98 with 150K should be darn inexpensive. Buy it and drive it until it blows up........understand that, barring service record inspection, you may be in for a nickel-dime accessory replacement session. All the bolt-on stuff - starters, pumps, alternator, suspension - really starts to go past 125K. If you can get it cheap and maintain it for, say $4,000 over a few years, you'll have had a $50,000 msrp car for nearly nothing. And collision insurance is cheap 'cause there isn't any.........if you do carry it there's a high premium.....

06-26-08, 05:35 PM
There is undoubtedly an issue with head gaskets on these cars, as evidenced by the number of people who are on this forum that discuss the issue. If you go by the posts on this forum you will have an idea in your mind that it is inevitable that the HG will go. I don't believe that every N* that was manufactured will have the HG issue. I think that this forum tends to be biased with the HG issue because that appears to be pretty much the #1 issue that brings people here. I have known several people that have owned 96-2000 N* that have not had HG issues. It's a crap shoot whether you will get a good one or not, but realistically IMO there are more out there that haven't had issues than have.

OBTW - I am a member of the HG club.

06-26-08, 06:48 PM
This is it. He said he would take 2800 bucks.
I just want it as a daily driver so I don't put the miles on the WS6 and the 89 1 ton truck well we know why I don't want to drive that.
I do all my own maintenance, it is just well that motor is jammed in there.

06-26-08, 08:04 PM
Do yourself a big favor and buy the kit that will test for exhaust gases in the coolant, you can get it at any parts store and its pretty cheap.

06-26-08, 08:47 PM
:yeah: Like MisFit said - $50 at Napa will buy you a test kit for a HG problem - it would be a very wise investment if you are really interested in the car and it could save you $K's.

06-27-08, 01:34 PM
Frankly, I don't think it would make any difference to me if the head gaskets are leaking now or not. Unless the repair was done, and done properly, I think (just my opinion based on my experiences) all '96-'99 Northstar engine head gaskets will fail. Like Chubb said, at 150K, the head gaskets have probably been repaired, but the question is, have they been repaired properly???