: Radio Questions

06-24-08, 05:42 AM
the time is finally arriving, after 4 weeks of working 5 days a week at 30 hours a week (I'm only part time) I can finally afford to put in a new stereo into my Eldo, but I have on little problem I can't decide on a head unit. I originally planed on getting a Cd/Tape combo but seeing as they cost any were from $220-250 and my budget is $600 that's a no, and I don't really like any of the plain Cd Double din radios either so I've come to the decisions why not go OEM with the Head-Unit and tie it in to the new system. Though their is one problem with that idea to Cadillac didn't make a stand alone Cd/Tape combo for 93 but they did for the 99 Chevy Lumina, 1995-2005 Lasaber, and 2000-2001 Century. Now aside from theft lock on the Lumina (which I should be able to get the code for from the local dealer after I present the car Vin and model number on the back of the radio) is their any thing that would stop me from installing a latter model Double Din Delco radio in my Eldorado?

06-24-08, 02:13 PM
Wow, no one has any Ideas.

06-25-08, 02:18 AM
You have to be patient when waiting for a response. I'm Navy and currently working right now so peoples schedules can impede what you want to accomplish. I'm waiting on feedback too own my own projects. About the setup you want to do. What are you actually trying to accomplish with your ride? Layouts, sound, etc? Also I would check Ebay to see what kind of cd/tape combos they have and you can usually find Cadillac replacements at a decent price. People are always getting rid of something and Ebay may have it. Another place you could go to is a local junk yard and not spend an arm and leg. Last thing to mention. Any caddy part can be pretty high so shop around for the best deal and make a choice. Have you considered after market systems? What is wrong with the factory head unit you have now?

06-25-08, 05:16 AM
What is wrong with the factory head unit you have now?

Well I should have been a little more specific I don't have a factory radio in my car I have a 15 year old Alpine tape deck and would like to upgrade it to a Cd/Tape combo but as I said an aftermarket one is more expensive than I really want to spend and I would have loved to get a Cadillac one but the only one they made was a Bose which isn't a stand alone unit so that rules that out. I've all ready placed a bid on the CD/Tape deck from the 99 lumina so I'm probably gonna get that one and it'll get wired up to my Nakamichi 2-channel amp, speakers and subs.

06-27-08, 07:23 PM
Get a good deck, dude. Pioneer AVIC-D3 is obtainable for $600 if you look in the right places (craigslist, ebay, local websites/paper). I'd rather have an AVIC-D3 and no subs than a junky deck and subs. Appearance DOES matter to me, though. I may hack my old BOSE deck up and use it as a "cover" for my D3.. This thread put the idea in my head for some reason. Good luck, dude!

06-27-08, 10:54 PM
Get a good deck, dude. Pioneer AVIC-D3 is obtainable for $600

$600 is my entire budget and dude a Delco radio is actually pretty average when it comes to sound quality now when I run it through my Nakamichi amp it will kick ass and then run it through my Nakamichi speakers and subs it will tear the shit out of almost any other system. (any by the by I have ordered my system 200w Nakamichi 2-channell amp, two 2-way 5 1/4 Naks, two 2-way 6x9 Naks, and 2 10" sub Naks all for the low price of $411 thanks ebay).