View Full Version : iSimple & '96 SLS - no power, need help!

06-23-08, 07:26 PM
Hey everyone, first time posting here.

I just purchased an isimple ipod kit for my car, which is apparently compatible with my car. So i found the right cable in the console, the one that wouldve connected to the cd changer if i had one. My car didnt have the cd changer installed mind you, it has the option to, but i didnt want to spend the money. I have the "CD" button on my radio etc.

Anyways, found the cable and plugged it into the proper harness etc. Turned the car on, plugged in my ipod, hit the "CD" button and my radio just says "CD Changer - No Discs" and doesn't activate the ipod. My ipod also doesn't charge even though its plugged in, which i was told it did regardless if it was selected by the radio or not.

Does anyone have any idea on what's wrong? Maybe a way to activate the CD player because my car wasn't installed with one from the factory? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, this is quite frustrating. Thanks in advance!


06-25-08, 12:15 AM
If you are ok on the soldering department you can try my solution:
Is working like a charm. For me was $5 in parts and about half a year of study to figure out that audio processor chip.
The best part, you also keep your CD changer option.