: Double Din For a '96 Deville?

06-23-08, 11:45 AM
So I bought a double din unit, and installed it in my '96 Deville this past weekend. Sweet!

The only problem I have, and why I turn to you, loyal readers, is this:

Previously I had a standard single-din aftermarket stereo, installed with the Metra kit (or was it Schoche, whatever), that has the pocket on the bottom.

Being that nobody makes a double din kit for DeVilles, I hacked the Metra kit apart so it would fit the new stereo. Great! So it's installed, and it works, but there's a gap on either side of the stereo now, and only on the upper half. It's an eyesore, if you ask me.

I'm well aware nobody makes a kit, but does anyone know if there are any shops that have fabricated a kit for their Deville? Price? Or does anyone know if there is actually a double din kit from another vehicle that could work, with slight modification?

I could buy the ABS myself and sit and sand it until it looks perfect, but I'm lazy.

Any suggestions?

Big L
06-23-08, 10:56 PM
I have an 01 DHS and encountered the same problem. I bought a 1/16" sheet of abs from ebay and razor cut the center to fit my screen. Then I just used adhesive to attach it to the install kit. After the trim is re applied, you cant tell. Also, crutchfield sells a universal double din kit.

Now if only I could get the harness to work and stop blowing fuses!

06-27-08, 07:16 PM
Don't use a harness. ;)