06-23-08, 10:16 AM
Hey everyone,

I am about to purchase a 2005 STS V8 AWD FULLY LOADED. 35k and at about $21k.

I am curious to know how these are in the snow. I know another lady asked about this but didn't get a massive response. Any Clevelanders here that know what we go through on the months of december through march?

I drove my SLS in March through the horrible snow storm and made it through like I was a truck with 4x4 and huge chains on my tires...haha. I know that my SLS is front wheel drive, I am just wondering how the AWD works when you start to lose it in the snow. Does it work right away. Just very nervous to make a purchase if this car is not what I hope it will truly be. And that is a Luxury Sedan to offer fun in the summer and safe times in the cold nasty months in cleveland!

Thanks for your help guys and gals.


06-23-08, 11:18 AM
Hi Kjanks; I also live in N.E. Ohio, Chardon, and I know what you're talking about. I have an 07 v-8 STS RWD and let me tell you this car is terrible in snow unless you have snow tires, I have a winter set of Blizzak's on all 4 corners and it really does make a difference. My previous car was a 2000 STS FWD also and never had any problems in the snow.

06-23-08, 11:41 AM
lots and lots of threads, one right on the front page
search will be helpful and opinions vary. good luck

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06-23-08, 01:00 PM
Well I would never buy a RWD in this state!! What were you thinking PJ? AWD is probably the best way to go in my opinion after reading several reviews. Thanks for the help.

06-23-08, 08:47 PM
Kjanks; I bought the RWD because I got 20k off list and RWD gets better gas mileage. If I wanted AWD I would have bought an SRX.

06-24-08, 11:27 AM

06-24-08, 04:05 PM
Not familiar with the STS RWD but I have an STS4, live in Cali, so u know I'm not used to the snow. But I drove it back from Chicago. Past Denver I went up the hill, started getting foggy started getting icey, middle of the night. There were ice warnings all over. If any of you have ever driven out of the George Washington Tunnel on I-70 during poor conditions know what I am talking about at that high elevation. Anyways only 4wd SUVs were on the road at the time, but my STS4 pulled through just fine.

06-25-08, 04:34 PM
Kjanks, you'll have no problems whatsoever rolling those donuts thru the snow in Cleburg this winter. My wife's 06 AWD is amazing in the snow. My 05 V8 RWD was crap until Blizzak M22's were fitted at the 4 corners. BTW, big wheels rule, rolling the 20's in the summer. Have fun!

06-26-08, 01:08 AM
Having just survived the winter a little farther north (SE Michigan) I can also attest to the drivability of the AWD system on the STS. No problems whatsoever. The car will oversteer slightly but then if you get back on the go pedal the back end gets back in line VERY quickly. The Trac and stability controls paired with the AWD system make it a VERY capable driver in the winter months. No complaints.

Northern SRX
06-26-08, 05:56 AM
Living in Ontario and have owned a V8 AWD SRX for 4 years. It gets the snowtire treatment every November-March and drives like it's on rails through deep snow and freezing rain. You still have to drive intelligently in bad conditions but it must be impossible to get stuck - I never had.

The pre-07 STS has virtually the same drivetrain as my SRX (although the SRX is higher up off the ground) and it is the main reason why I will be adding an AWD STS to our driveway within the next few months. I will, however, spring for a 2nd set of wheels with winter boots.

Good luck.