: 26" wheels?

06-22-08, 11:35 PM
For you that are riding 26's, how is the ride? I had 24s just a few months ago and absolutely hated the ride, thank god I sold them. Even after getting an alignment, they still vibrated and affected the ride horribly. So how is the ride overall? DO you guys suggest me upgrading from my stocks to 26s or just move to the stock 08 22's? I dont want aftermarket 22's or 24's. I only like the 08 22's or 26's or even 28's :yup: What do you guys say?

06-23-08, 07:55 AM
I have 18's, 22's, 24's and 26's, don't ask, involved with a wheel company and they just keep sending me wheels, it's a good problem. The 26's with 30 series tires was the worst ride, the 24's with 35 series tires was slightly better but not any fun to drive on my roads, the 22's with 45 series tires are pretty good, of course the 18's make you feel like you are riding on air it's so smooth compared to the larger wheels, I like in the northeast and spend a lot of time in the mountains in upstate NY, our roads are not great where I live and drive. If you roads are good where you live and drive your ride will be better than mine. I found where I live and drive comfort is way more important than having the looks of the 26's or 24's. :)