: Brake problems...need some advice

Poopie D
06-21-08, 11:48 PM
I have been hating brake dust and squeak since I bought my V over 2 years ago. I finally ordered some front Hawk pads and put them on. While my dust is down, the squeak is worse than ever. My dealer says that If replace my rotors, it will probably stop squeaking.

Could it be my rotors that are causing my squeaky brakes, and if so, what do you guys recommend? James, if you are reading...do you ship to Canada? If you do, can you quote me a price on four cross drilled rotors (if that is mybest option) and rear HPS pads?


p.s my 05 V has 30,000 miles

06-22-08, 01:37 AM
Pads cause. Squealing, not rotors. Steel, is steel. But different pad material or installation can definitely change things.


Poopie D
06-22-08, 02:13 AM
So the shop is just making stuff up? I was so looking forward to quiet brakes with my new hawk pads...now my car sounds like a bus...

06-22-08, 02:31 AM
If your talking about James at Lyndsay, you need to talk to Luke. This much I know. The rest is guessing.
I assume you have hawk HPS pads in the front. I never had a problem with the stock pads on my car. I can deal with the dust (you have to for performance). Never heard any noise.
I went with Hawk HP+ in the front, and HPS in the back, just before V-Day at Summit. I heard that the HP+ would make noise, at slow speeds, just as your stopping. I was worried about this, because in NY, that's most of my driving. I can take the harsh ride, brake dust and low MPG. I just don't like noisy brakes. It's embarrassing. But I wanted more perfomance, so I got them anyway.
The HP+ are not that bad. I can hear them once every few days. Not worried about them at all.
Maybe you have another problem. Could it be, you didn't bed them in properly?
Hope this helps,,,good luck.


06-22-08, 12:25 PM
You should turn or replace your rotors.
Residual pad material interferes with the Bed-In Process of the new pads.

Also, you should run the factory backing plates, as they can dampen some of the high frequency vibrations that lead to squeel.

06-22-08, 04:04 PM
I just installed new Hawk HPS pads all around a couple of weeks ago and could not be happier. No noise at all, very little dust. Thanks again Luke. Did you make sure to use the spacer plates from your original pads on the new pads? Use the anti-squeal grease provided with the pads? Bed them in properly? If they were installed properly, there should be no problem.

Poopie D
06-22-08, 09:55 PM
I actually had a shop install the pads...I have no idea if they used the factory plates...not sure how I could tell...would that be a big problem? I am sure the shop would have thrown them out if they did not use them...Luke...I need help!!