: 2001 Deville Stereo & Speakers

06-21-08, 07:39 AM
I've got a few questions as far as upgrading is concerned. I've startd a project with my car recently. I have a 7" touchscreen for my car, 6 1/2" 6.1 Kappa Perfects for my front doors, 5 1/4" 5.1 Kappa Perfects for the rear doors, and a 10" Kappa Perfect for the factory replacement (perfect fit). I'm not sure exactly what amp I should get to power these babies. They sound great with the current setup but I want to use their potential. I'm also trying to decide whether to get 2 12" Solobarics L7's or 2 12" CVX's for my car. I had 10" Solobarics in my 98 Deville. Loved those things. Only thing I hated was they ate alot of power even with the capacitors. I'm also thinking about buying an extra battery to help stop the power drain. I've never heard the CVX's but they seem like they could beat the block down and are cheaper than the L7's. I have plenty of trunk space as I don't really put much in it. I was also looking at the 12" Alpine Type X, I've heard those things and witnessed a box crack when they cranked it up, but Kicker seems to just beat harder than anything and can take the abuse. Anyone with advice please assist me in my endeavor and if you have any other upgrades that u think I may like please let me know. Trying to finish it up before the end of July. Oh almost forgot. I also have a Mannix Matrix 70.5 X, something like that. Anyways it has a remote start feature and I'm curios about having that on my car as I've heard horror stories about peoples starters getting messed up. Should I have that installed or just use the alarm without remote start.

06-29-08, 08:10 AM
well are you planing to amp all your speakers or just the subs. the solution to your power problem is drop the cap. get the biggeest battery you can fit in the deville and get a high output alternator and do the big 3 upgrade
thats the same guage wire as your amps or zero guage.
wire 1 alt to ground 3 ft or smaller
wire 2 alt postive to battery (same size fuse as amp wire ) fuse is to be 18 inches from battery
wire 3 battery to car ground 3ft or less
i ve done this in my 86 deville and i have 3400 watts running plus some accessories and i dont have blinking headlights or hard starts.
i advise if you wants crazy bass solo or type x take pics with the finish product and post

07-04-08, 07:53 AM
Yea I want to power the kappas separate from the subs. I'm getting ready to make the purchase for the subs soon and amps. I haven't decided if I want to go with the custom enclosure or standard yet since this is my only vehicle right now. Also it looks like I will need to be conservative at the moment. Leaving the military in a few months so have make sure I got the funding u know, but I will be making purchases very moderatly. Still haven't decided on the subs yet, and if I do go with the custom setup I was thinking of getting the pop trunk kit also. Trying to keep it southern u know.