View Full Version : headunit, antenna, or brain?

06-20-08, 05:49 PM
radio comes on and stays on, sound only for a sec then off then on then off in two second cycles, while the antenna cycles up and down for two seconds at a time. Someone replaced with another power antenna to fix, and didnt work.


i think the tape will work but havent tried it.

06-20-08, 05:51 PM
radio option

06-20-08, 05:53 PM
radio turns on, sound for only a second, while antenna goes up and down, sound goes on and off . someone replaced antenna did not fix problem. clicking in trunk as antenna goes up and down and sound cycles on and off. whats the problem the headunit brain or what. plan to put cd tape combo in to replace tape. I have a hunch the tape player will work just fine and play but havent tried. something related to antenna control and signal.

06-21-08, 11:33 AM
1994 sts tape radio unit. replacing with cd tape radio headunit. could that fix the problem?

06-21-08, 07:56 PM
Sounds like your using a newer factory radio in an older car is there a amp fuse on the memory wire. The clicking in the trunk could be your rear speakers terminals touching is that wiring stock or you changed it

06-21-08, 10:56 PM
Forget it if you read, i clearly stated everything is stock and has not been altered.

For some reason I thought this forum would be more helpful as the Volvo one was with my last car.


06-24-08, 01:49 PM
For some reason I thought this forum would be more helpful as the Volvo one was with my last car.


Your not giving us much to go on, theirs two radios for the 94 Seville theirs the base radio (AM/FM/Cassette) and the Bose (AM/FM/CD/Cassette) which while and excellent system it can be a real bitch becasue the head unit is just a controller and the Amp is where the action is (which could be your problem and an expensive one at that) or you could be having a problem with on of the 4 independent door speaker amps (again can be expensive) but just saying that it's a 94 STS with a tape radio doesn't give us much to go on.