: Modified Artic White XLR-V w/3-piece wheels!!

Dr. Design
06-20-08, 02:15 PM
We thought we would share this one image with all of you. A lot of you have been asking us how some of the wheels look actually installed on XLR-V's. Since we have done quite a few we thought we would share this one with all of you really quickly. Unfortunately we cannot show too many images as this vehicle is pending release in several different magazines!

As most of you know we donít just build regular "industry standard" 3-piece wheels for Cadillacís. We build high performance & stylish wheels specifically for the Cadillac brand vehicles! It should be pointed out that these wheels (NOT EVEN USING OUR LIGHTWEIGHT HARDWARE) decrease rotating mass by 6 lbs./per wheel with an increase by 1" in diameter size! This will obviously help the vehicle accelerate and promote better brake response.


For more information regarding our wheel, or any of our performance products, please visit www.d3cadillac.com or email info@d3cadillac.com.

Thank you,

Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac