: Urgent Vibration question

06-20-08, 01:29 PM
Ok so the car i am buying Monday is a Gm buy back due to a "vibration issue". Do you guys know what could be vibrating? I need to know what to look for. The dealer that is selling the car says there is no sign of a vibration at this point.

06-20-08, 01:41 PM
Motor mounts.

06-20-08, 02:19 PM
I doubt it would be this easy, but the cam. Some people by this car without realizing what they're getting themselves into.

06-20-08, 02:38 PM
i had serious vibrating while breaking.
got my rotors shaved- did nothing
new pads- did nothing
new rotors- no more vibrating :)

06-20-08, 02:57 PM
motor mounts and prefer the UUC MM's

06-20-08, 03:06 PM
driveshaft, trans, wheels, you name it. good luck but i would buy another car

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06-20-08, 03:29 PM
driveshaft, trans, wheels, you name it. good luck but i would buy another car

Agree with Urb! Here's a nice one! :)



06-20-08, 03:53 PM
Nice car but way too many miles on it for me. I am looking for 15000 or less.

06-21-08, 02:19 PM
I have an 04 and had to have the driveshaft re-indexed after about 10,000 miles because I was getting a vibration. It was weird because the vibration was such a low frequency that I always thought that it was an exhaust drone at highway speeds, but later had the tech guys drive it and found out that the driveshaft was the problem. No problems with vibration since.

08-07-08, 11:50 AM
New tires finally fixed it. Prior to this I tried an alignment and even took the car to a wheel straightening shop which he found nothing wrong.

08-07-08, 12:51 PM
New tires finally fixed it. ...You are kidding?!!


08-07-08, 01:16 PM
Yeah, Damn runflats were crap.

08-07-08, 02:12 PM
You guys get flat spots? COME ON..You need to let the car sit a long time and in the heat...The solution i found was lower the PSI to about 26 and weave like indy cars when warmin up the tires...I find it clears it up and then you just fill and poof no more flat spots...

Rotors were my vibration issue, shaved them and no more..had a 0.5mm groove on one side...

Take it easy

08-07-08, 02:29 PM
My car only had 9K miles on it. I am assuming it sat fr a long time waiting for its day at the auction.