: Antenna gremlins! HELP

06-20-08, 01:24 AM
Replacement Antenna Doesnt Work

Just bought a 94 sts. When you turn on the radio you hear the antenna click and it goes up, and the hiss comes on the radio. The antenna only goes up for a second or two then goes back down, and back up and down and up and down. The radio hiss comes on and off with the antenna. Seller said the antenna wasnt grounded correctly. States the antenna was replaced with the same, but the old one is in the trunk and looks different. numbers for gm on unit are different, and the plugs and connection for the antenna lead itself to the radio are different. Connections seem the same, replacement antenna seems like it could be the problem. ANY idea what is goin on here, radio wont stay on long enough to even change the channel. I want to get a factory cd player unit anyways, so if its something to do with the head unit thats fine. Any help would be appreciated. Also, checked ground, its fine. car has rear electronics cover pulled down from the back of the rear seats in the trunk when i bought it. Have heard these boxes are something to do with the radio. Thanks