View Full Version : Sunroof leak and resultant carpet stain-Help!

06-19-08, 08:19 AM
When I bought my "new to me" V a little over a year ago, i noticed that the rear passenger carpet had some rust colored staining to it. As I traced the stain back it seemed to run along the floor trim piece under the door and behind the rear seat. Also I noticed a few of the same colored spots on the interior sail panel where the head curtain air bag is. I have asked the dealer to check into it on 2 separate occasions and they kept telling me that I must have spilled something and they were pretty good about cleaning it for me. Well I kept coming back and now I am noticing spots on my headliner. I took her in for service a couple of days ago and mentioned again that every time they clean it, it comes back and to please investigate if I have a water leak. Well sure enough, I get a call yesterday that they had to order a part for my sunroof as it was leaking and they were going to replace the sail panel. I mentioned having them clean the carpet/headliner and got a luke warm response to that at best. Do I have a legitimate complaint for having them clean/replace my carpet/headliner due to a warranty water leak? I am worried that there is residual rust under the headliner/backseat/carpet and that cleaning via shampoo/rug cleaner will only compound the problem. Thanks for your help!

06-19-08, 08:36 AM
They prabably could/should change everything under warranty. But it would show that they didn't find the problem the first two times you brought it in. Maybe they don't wanna look bad in front of their higher-ups.
Just my guess though.
Good luck

PS Fight to have them change everything. It might not have been so bad, if they caught it right away.


06-19-08, 08:53 AM
I would firmly insist that they replace it all. :yup:

06-19-08, 09:45 AM
Thanks for the info guys, I am going to see if they have even attempted to clean it when I pick it up and then press the issue regarding replacement.