: Any Oshkosh Wisconsin V Owners

06-17-08, 12:11 AM
I just realized after deciding to purchase a V from a Private Owner that Oshkosh just had major flooding. I looked around and saw the reports that 75% of the streets in Oshkosh were flooded. HELLO!!! That means there was a good chance that the V was on a flooded street. Which means its possible that the V was flooded. Anyone local to Oshkosh that can look at the car before I drive up from Indiana to take ownership? I asked the owner, but i think they are sleeping now. I know this is late notice, but hoping someone from Oshkosh (or nearby) is up like me. Thanks.

06-17-08, 09:03 AM
Got in touch with the owner and they said that the car and their area was not part of the flooded region. I have no reason to believe otherwise, so unless someone tells me not to go - i am going to pick up my new-to-me V! I want to be really excited, but the thorough review of the car is what will dictate whether i am excited or not. Wish me luck and welcome me to ownership!