: new fuel injector & upper engine cleaner

06-16-08, 11:40 AM
went to the dealer the other day to get a can of upper engine cleaner. they were out of the aresol can & they guy said they discontinued the liquid. He said that GM replaced the liquid with fuel inj & upper engine cleaner. It comes in a plastic bottle.

My ?'s are, has anyone out there used this & how do you introduce this into the engine?

thanks guys...

06-16-08, 03:11 PM
If it's billed as "fuel injector and upper engine cleaner" it sounds like a gasoline additive. Probably TECHRON, as GM supports Top Tier fuels.

What are the directions on the plastic bottle?

06-16-08, 04:06 PM
hey there sub,
there were no directions on the bottle, the service guy wouldn't tell me either. All it says on there is what it cures. All I wanted to get was the old engine cleaner that you put in the pcv tube in the intake to clean the intake out. Being fuel inj. cleaner, I thought it would need to be an gas additive but again there is nothing about amount to add or anything. I am clueless. Was hoping someone out there already tried this or knows what to do with it.


06-16-08, 06:40 PM
Why do you want to clean the intake manifold out?

06-17-08, 11:32 AM
well, the car has 132k on it and i figured it couldnt hurt to add some upper engine cleaner to it. Thought it might give a little more power & crispness to the engine...

from the stuff i saw on the net, its not supposed to be added to the gas. :confused:

06-17-08, 08:14 PM
That stuff will not clean out the intake. The only way to do that is to remove it and dip it in a parts cleaning tank and that will not do anything for power or crispness. Really, you're just wasting your time and money. The inside of the intake is filthy with EGR and crankcase gases passed through the PCV, but it hurts nothing and will start accumulating immediately after the cleaning. It won't be any different than an engine with 200K that has not had the intake manifold cleaned.

06-18-08, 09:34 AM
thanks for your knowledge, but I still need need to know how to use it...

06-18-08, 11:05 AM
Sorry, can't help you there.

06-19-08, 06:59 AM
How can a dealer sell you something but not tell you the correct way to use it? Call the service department and ask. Try to speak to a tech or manager, SAs are often glorified salespeople. If they can't tell you, I'd be a little :hmm:

06-19-08, 11:32 AM
:yeah: The folks that know are the techs that use it. The parts department has always been a good place to start for me. They can hook you up with some one who knows if they don't. Make a personal appearance with the "stuff" in hand. K_C