: 2006 STS to STS-V front end conversion

06-16-08, 10:15 AM
Help friends......last night i hit a deer with my 2006 STS and did the entire fromt end in.....hood, E&G grille, bumper, right headlight, RF fender yada yada. Before i put it back together, i'd like to explore the possibility of replacing the hood, bumper cover, grilles with STS-V parts. I know the bumper covers are different from an experiment to put the V grill in. Fenders are the same but my concern is with lights, electrical, washers etc. I am sure one of the Technicians out here can help me with this and i would appreciate any quick info as the parts need to be ordered as the car is undriveable. THANKS all!

06-16-08, 06:56 PM

Keep in mind that those limited production parts will be $$$$

10-17-09, 02:47 PM
any luck in doing so i had a similar accident and i am planning on dointg the same thing please help if u can

12-17-09, 09:57 PM
Similar situation....any luck?