: Rear Barn Door Locks not Responding...

06-16-08, 07:54 AM
seems the rear lock/unlock is not working on the Barn Doors on my 2000 Escalade...not by the remote nor the lock buttons inside the vehicle...I have re-lubed everything in the lock mechanisms and found that the only way to lock or unlock the barn doors is to use the key in the lock manually...that lock was really stiff but seems to turn easier after the lithium grease...thoughts???...actuator???...when I hit the button 2X on my remote, I can hear something up front but do not hear anything in the vicinity of the rear doors...


06-17-08, 12:02 AM
got it...thanks!...

07-09-08, 10:59 PM
I have a similar problem in my 04 EXT. The doors will unlock via the remote, when I put it in park, or when I hit the button. But they will not lock -- no way, no how!

Anyone got any ideas?

07-11-08, 07:51 AM
my repair was the contacts by the rear doors...I doubt that's yours ...good luck...actuators perhaps???