View Full Version : 2002 escalade new center console key

06-14-08, 10:45 PM
anyone know what i could do about a lost center console key. i really need to lock the center console and the dealership can't do anything but change the whole center console for 1000$ any help would be great

06-15-08, 04:44 AM
Hmm all i can think is maybe a locksmith? they can pick it and maybe take apart the cylinder, and maybe make a new key? just a thot i know they can with house keys,

11-29-08, 10:44 PM
If one locksmith can make you key then another locksmith (local to you) should be able to do the same. I imagine the dealer should also be able to cut a key for you, and I'm quite surprised they refused to do so. I'd find another dealer that's not quite as anxious to rip you off. Even a Chevy or GMC dealer can get you fixed up.