: 1999 Eldorado Molding Buffalo NY

06-14-08, 05:44 PM
Would appreciate any help anyone would have in helping locate a piece of molding for the passenger side between the wheel well and door

I have searched on paysites and all over from ny to cali and have not been able to locate this part

would appreciate any suggestions


07-07-08, 08:06 AM
Are you still looking for that piece? If so I found a salvage yard that has a 98 Eldo that does have the molding that I think you are looking for. The only problem is,,,, its located in Higganum, CT 06411. The web site is eastcoastsalvageinc.com. There are pictures of the car so you can tell if thats the one you need or not. Hope this helps.

V/R Eric

07-08-08, 09:49 AM
^dead link