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06-14-08, 02:05 PM
Robhersch in Sou Cal referred to Luke at Lindsay:
Getting a bit concerned about pad wear on 2005 N*V8 RWD at ~23 K mi; appears to have ~0.200" lining thickness remaining, so looking for replacement pads for all 4 wheels - soon;

Wish to go with "known good quality" ceramic pad replacemets (local dealer suggests SRX V8 w/18" wheels OEM is semi-met, ceramic not recommended);

Local auto parts sellers tell me that:
a) SRX V8 w/18" wheels are spec-ed to use only semi-metallic, but SRX V6 w/17" wheels are spec-ed to use ceramic pads;
b) Found Raybestos ceramics for SRX V8 w/18" front pads only avail (spec order), but semi-met only avail for rear pads;
c) Found both F & R ceramic pads for SRX V6 w/17" wheels
d) Some chain stores have their "in-house brand" ceramics available for both F & R; (but we're reluctant to use questionable materials in brakes, even at the bargain 1/3 prices)

1) Are different brake pad materials spec-ed for 2005 SRX V6 w/17" & V8? w/18"?? If so why??
2) Are 2005 SRX brake pads not interchangable for 17" wheels & 18" wheels??
3) Are SRX brake pads different for different year models??
4) Who manuf GM SRX pads??
5) Any recommendations other than GM OEM??

Thanks in advance

09-29-09, 08:03 PM
Update on our 2005 SRX N*V8 RWD brakes:
Had a tire dealer check our brake pads at 27,500 mi; he said they looked good.
We finally decided on Hawk ceramic for front, (Hawk doesn't show # for SRX rear), and EBC Green for rear.
Replaced all 4 sets at ~30,000; found fronts ~ 50% remaining before reaching the sensor tabs, rears ~ 25% remaining
Rotors looked ~ new (at least very good w/ absolutely no grooves, odd wear, etc)
Early tests indicate superior stopping after few hundred miles.