: Thinking of 96 Fleetwood

06-13-08, 03:18 PM
Hey guys, Caddy owner for a few years, on my second one (a 99 deville which has been a phenomenal car- but it has 165k miles on it-but still runs like a rolex). I encountered a 96 Fleetwood Brougham-MINT, still had that really luxurious cadillac smell to it, anyway, it had a low coolant light on, but the surge tank looked fine, car had a little over a 100k miles on it. I'm wondering what you guys think about the LT1 engine- I know the headgasket issue isn't as likely, but what should I look out for? (I saw a People's court episode where a guy was driving a 96 fleetwood and it had a transmission and engine failure-yikes, but that may have been afluke. Any suggestions, they want 5500 for it

06-13-08, 04:52 PM
You should be able to talk them down a tad with that mileage. Does it have any neat options such as moonroof or the V4P package?

The low coolant light might be the sensor in the coolant reservoir. Sometimes it gets stuck after a coolant flush, usually it resolves on its own or needs a good tap.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

These cars are pretty durable and get decent gas mileage. There are several members on this forum with over 250,000 miles on the original motor!

06-13-08, 05:01 PM
It had heated seats, its the same color combo as my 99 deville-navy on navy, or i think they call it adriatic blue, anyway, I'm comparing it toa 96 Cartier Lincoln Town car in Cordovan red. I curently have a mint condition 96 black town car, so I know it's a dream to own, but I'm drawn to the fleetwood because it's got the Cadillac feel, but the towncar reliability. I look a cars all the time, and this one is in really good shape, I've seen so many fleetwoods from that era that look like total crap because of lack of maintenance.

06-16-08, 05:07 PM

07-10-08, 01:48 PM
If you don't buy it, let me know where it is located.

100k is no problem if it's been maintained. Any '90s vehicle with 100k will need some maintenace here and there. The Fleetwoods no different. That price is not bad for a clean vehicle, but I agree, with the market and gas what it is, you could get it down a little more. With Miami, beach, etc. check for rust!

Good luck.