: 93 Eldorado Sport Coupe Vs Touring Coupe

06-12-08, 01:03 PM
I apologize for what is most likely a "Newbie Question". What is the difference between the 270 HP rated N* and the 295 HP rated version (aside from the obvious 25 HP? Is this just an ECM reprogram or are there some mechanical differences to flow a little better? I own the 270 version and would gladly accept the additional ponies if feasable. Thanks for the insight.

06-13-08, 06:06 AM
Cams, ECM and I believe exhaust are the differences. Transaxle final drive ratio also different. This is a FAQ here, use the 'search' feature. What you will find is the short answer is that you cannot upgrade your car unless you have Jay Leno $$ to invest. The cheapest way is to buy a 300 HP N* car.

06-13-08, 01:34 PM
Don't be in such a hurry to swap the cams. A final drive ratio change (to the ETC's 3.71:1) and a reprogrammed ECM to raise your rev limiter and shift points is likely a better way to go.

The 25HP gained is at the high end, with less torque down low and in the midrange.