: New Toronto CTS-V owner

06-12-08, 10:07 AM

First time poster here. I have an 06 CTS-V up in T.O. Hoping an existing CTS-V owner can help here.

Great car btw and quite rare in these parts.

Well, naturally first point of order was to add an IPOD harness to this as Caddy's are very lacking in that department. Bought a nice kit (Neo Prolink V2) and attempted an install.

Well, low and behold I discovered that my car (which has XM) did not come with a factory XM receiver (for which the harness was designed for). It did have an aftermarket Terk XM100 (I think) module under the navi unit behind ashtray. This might also explain why the traffic button doesn't do anything on my navi unit.

Also discovered that some early 06 CTS-Vs although advertised as XM equipped in Canada were not fitted with standard XM receivers/antenna but instead had aftermarket equipment installed as XM was not officially approved until 2006 up here.

So, looking at options/opinions here.... Seems the Terk receivers/tuners have been discontinued for GM vehicles (probably because most now come as standard equipment).

Has anyone had any luck a) requesting dealer retrofit factory xm receiver or b) locating an aftermarket harness for the Terk package so as to obtain similar IPOD integration as that found with the factory receiver c) adding a simple aux input for which I will settle for in absence of any IPOD kit.

I believe the one in my car is an XM Direct kit by Terk.

Just to add to this, I would prefer to keep my existing XM subscription/radio if at all possible.

Appreciate the help.

Just looking at what options are available to me.

06-18-08, 08:53 PM
Hmm, I have an 06 CTS sport and I installed am Ipod OE Integration kit on mine and it works great. It was a bit of a Pain in the ass to gain access to the XM box under the rear deck but the installation went very well and I love it. All songs show on the Nav screen and 5 playlists to set up and choose from. I am not sure what a Terk kit is but just sharing my experience installing my Ipod Kit. I have my ipod nicely wired to the center console. It's a Canadian model car also.

07-08-08, 01:02 PM
Yes, imagine the bigger pain when I managed to open up the rear shelf only to find that there was no XM receiver to be found. :hmm:

Anyway, my Neo prolink kit (allegedly the best for IPOD/GM integration) is up for sale in the classifieds if anyone's interested.