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06-11-08, 10:32 PM

First time poster here. I have an 06 CTS-V (up in sunny Canada). Hoping an existing CTS/CTS-V owner can help here.

Great car btw.

Well, naturally first point of order after purchase was to add an IPOD harness to this as Caddy's don't read mp3 dvd's/cd's. Bought a nice kit (Neo Prolink V2) and attempted an install.

Well, low and behold I discovered that my car (which has XM radio and active subscription) did not come with a factory XM receiver (for which the harness was designed for). It did have an aftermarket Terk XM100 (I think) module under the navi unit. This might also explain why the traffic button doesn't do anything on my navi unit.

Also discovered that some early 06 CTS-Vs although advertised as XM equipped/ready in Canada were not fitted with standard XM receivers/antenna but instead had aftermarket equipment installed as XM was not officially approved until 2006 in Canada.

So, looking at options/opinions here.... Seems the Terk receivers/tuners have been discontinued for GM vehicles (probably because most now come as standard equipment).

Has anyone had any luck a) requesting dealer retrofit factory xm receiver or b) locating an aftermarket harness for the Terk package so as to obtain similar IPOD integration as that found with the factory receiver or c) am I screwed??

I am even prepared to switch the navi for a more capable unit entirely if it's at all feasible.

I believe the one in my car is an XM Direct kit.

Just to add to this, I would prefer to keep my existing XM subscription/radio. It's free and I wouldn't mind enjoying it for a while.

Appreciate the help.

09-22-08, 09:47 AM
Did you ever discover whether the neo-prolink was compatible with the aftermarket XM?

Just wondering...

09-22-08, 12:28 PM
There's no reason that an iPod kit and the XM tuner shouldn't work together. They're merely all devices on the Class 2 (or GM Lan) network. The factory tuner for a CTS with navtraffic would say "DATA" on the label however.