: Fuse for Ride Control Help!!!

06-09-08, 08:51 AM
I cannot find the fuse for the ride control pump on my 03 EXT. I called the dealer and they didn't want to tell me. What a surprise. I have looked at the fuse charts on both boxes and can find nothing. Surely it must have a fuse. Does anybody know if its in the dash box or under the hood box or somewhere else? I am guessing its a 40 amp fuse but don't know for sure. Thanks for any help. GJ

06-09-08, 11:47 AM
I would think it's under the hood, don't have a sarvice manual for the 02-06's anymore.

06-10-08, 01:59 AM
I need to find this out also. My air ride no longer works, I can hear the pump always trying to fill up when the truck is first started but the rear sags and sits a lot lower than the stock height.

06-13-08, 02:13 AM
if your pump is working thn the fuse is not your problem