View Full Version : Rear dvd monitor 03 Escalade

06-08-08, 11:31 AM
Just picked up an 03 Escalade and im tossing in a Panasonic Strada 7" lcd in the dash. I have a video out RCA on the back of the head unit and i was wondering if there was a way to hook up the rear flip down monitor to the video out RCA.

I havent picked up the Escalade yet, so i havent checked anything out yet.. thx fellas

06-10-08, 12:23 PM
Ya there is. My friend did it to his 02 escalade and installed a 15 in monitor connected to his avic D3
I installed a 10.2 in monitor into my 02 dts with sunroof. My install wasnt as hard as it sounds and its on tight snug and as far forward as possible. Still looks good too!

So ya...you can bro.
Good luck

06-14-08, 10:28 AM
I see..but what im asking is am I able to hook it up using the existing stock rear flip down monitor. Its the one the comes from the factory..