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06-07-08, 02:22 PM
anyone know a good way to get rid of pigeons. their roosting around my house and there are even some it the attic in a space that i cannot get to.their pooping on every thing including my caddy. I dont want to go to wally world and get a nice ol daisy and have target practice with them i just want them gone.

06-07-08, 02:43 PM
Get a Great Horned Owl statue and mount it in a prominent place on your roof.

06-07-08, 05:09 PM
A litle bird called a merlin will have them all cleaned out in minutes. See if there is a falconer in your area. We were plagued by swallows and pigeons in an aircraft hanger where I worked. A merlin showed up one morning and by noon the area was littered with carcasses and the problem was cured. The swallows didn't return for a couple of years.

06-07-08, 06:16 PM
We have this problem out on our farm too. I just shoot the bastards, or at least I shoot at them. In the past year I hit maybe 2. My 60 year old .22 ain't too accurate anymore.

Put up chicken wire where you don't want them going. On the farm they like to climb up into the overhangs of the poll barn, so we fenced that whole area off with chicken wire. No more birds in the roof.

06-07-08, 07:41 PM
In L.A. we had a problem with pigeons roosting in the eves, pooping on the cars parked in the driveway. The owl mannikin seems to work, but a real owl would work better. We had a Great Horned Owl and its' mate take up residence on the block ......... no more pigeon problem, took care of the tree rodent population too. Viva La Owl!

06-07-08, 08:02 PM
I had a cousin in DC who used to go to the mall with a bag of corn and dressed in a long trench coat to feed pigeons. Somehow several pigeons would mysteriously disappear.

Cousin Billy was a falconer.

06-07-08, 08:05 PM
My trusty pellet pistol with scope took care of a few. It's quiet too. Until you get rid of their roosting and/or feeding spots they will keep coming back.

06-07-08, 08:38 PM
A dog might help? I know the owl thing works....

06-07-08, 10:33 PM
Until you get rid of their roosting and/or feeding spots they will keep coming back.

Definitely get rid of the nests as soon as possible, especially if they already have eggs in them. If my memory serves correctly, pigeons can mate and lay eggs up to 6 or 7 times a year. They literally have new babies every 3-4 weeks.

06-08-08, 08:32 AM
Get you a rubber snake a place it as close to their roosting spot as you can. The fake owl will work as well. You could also use some fireworks, the small bottle rockets or M80's if you don't want to shoot the pesty peckerheads.