: Speaker probs

06-06-08, 08:05 PM
Wheres my ELEGS at?
(ELEG - electrical engineers)
96 sedan deville
Besides the fact that my system doesnt ding when the car door opens, for some reason my front speakers act like there is an HPF on it and only brings what the tweeters catches (woofers aren't working). The speakers in the back work fine....ok i lied the work fine sometimes. Every once and a blue moon they just go out. I'm guessing a short somewhere? Added to the record I have 2, 12'' subs in the trunk that grab its signal off the back speakers. Also added, the speakers dodged in and out BEFORE i added the subs, so I'm positive that can be ruled out. Now for the BIG problem, the subs worked fine, then the other day my speakers decided it was time to not work for a while. I turned the head unit off for a day and I turned them on. It worked fine in the back but my woofers in the trunk....for some reason it sounds like the speakers are blown. There is no low end and it just sh!ts everywhere. I changed the speakers and it still did it. I changed the amp and it still did it. I changed the settings on the head unit and on the amp, it still did it. Still pulling my hair out. I need some sort of signal flow chart or anything schematic, but there isnt one in the manuals. I'm lost. Anyone have this problem or know which road I need to take next on this journey.

(also, anyone know any tips for more miles to the gallon in this boat? at my best I get 18, and hit 20 on the high way.)

06-10-08, 11:02 PM
Ok first off the are you using a factory radio. It sounds like you are because your amp is feeding off you rear. Speakers

Your front speakers could be blown if you are only hearing the tweeters so take the speakers push the cone in and if its loose or you hear a scratch its blown. If you take a 9 volt battery and positive/negitive to the speakers post and you don't get a pop its blown.

The wiring sounds like you have shorted your factory wiring adding a amp to the rear channel. The radio if its stock is designed to push a 4 ohm speaker no more than 40 watts(factory) so by you splitting the wire from a rear speaker adding a amp to it you overloading the wire. So if the speakers are all new and you know the work add new wiring to the speakers.

As for the subs if you think their blown try what I aid about the front speakers and if you get the same results. Or the terminal the goes to the cone coould be loose or broken. So if your are running a factory get a aux out wiring in the radios factory harness and run a rca from the radio to the amp.
Let me know if you have any more questions still_walkin