View Full Version : Service A/c and A/C compressor off

06-06-08, 07:43 PM
Help !!! I have a 97 , Replaced compressor , drier , orfice tube , all o-rings rechared 32 oz freon and compressor will not kick in . I can run wire direct abd it will but not threw system . I have 2 codes coming up on PCM , Service A/C and A/C compressor off . I have tried to reset the PCM , it will not reset.

Connected Modis to it reset all codes did not change , same codes come up . Disconnected battery for 5 minutes did not work ,

I keep hearing you have to reset the PCM , But everytime I try it will not reset .

Any suggestions ????

06-06-08, 07:52 PM
You do not have to "reset" the PCM, but you do have to clear the DTC's. Pulling battery power should have done it. Did you pull a vacuum when you recharged it? How did you recharge it without clearing the DTC's? Clearing the DTC's is what enables the compressor.

Tommy Deville
06-07-08, 01:04 AM
Somthing is locking it up, check all ur relays, fuses, switchs & connections, get a voltmeter, they are very cheap make sure you are getting power where it's needed.
If every thing checks out ok than start over, vaccum it out, clear all the codes & refill with freon & oil.
Good Luck.

Oh one more thing, did you actually clear the AC codes?? Clearing the PCM doesn't clear the A/C codes you have to clear the ACM (AirCondioting Module) Now, if you pulled the BATTERY THAT SHOULD HAVE CLEARED THE CODES, b4 you do all of the above go back into the DIC & check.