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Harry Yarnell
06-06-08, 08:55 AM
Is the code Y motors for '96 and '98 essentially the same? I'm thinking of swapping the '96 into the '98. '96 is a deville, and the '98s an eldo.

08-16-08, 04:36 PM
i have the same problem ive been looking thru this site for 4 hours and havent found anything about the y in the vin #'s. if any one can help me please help.......................... i have a 1997 deville the ive had since high school. and today it starts overheating and everthing checks out except when i change oil i have water(coolant) in the oil. so my heads or gasket has failed. i found a sts 1997 with the northstar motor it has a y also. does this mean i can use it and it will start right up? is the "y" the only thing i need to know if it will work in my deville? just send me a link that will help me and this guy out..........please help