: V's in for service

06-05-08, 06:07 PM
Hey guys, just wanted to say how I appreciate your patience while I have the cars in the shop.
Yesterday we lost power for nearly half the day and then I got to celebrate by buying a generator and spending the rest of the night wiring up my panel to juice the place up to keep the basement from flooding in the torrential rains that ripped down a good portion of the old growth trees in my neighborhood. I lost a lot of limbs but my neighbors lost more.
I got about 2 hours of sleep last night and had to go sit in a government office for 2 hours this morning which made me half a day late. (by the time I refilled the generator gas tank).
It is smoking hot in the shop and I have cars lined up pretty deep right now.

Me and my helpers are making some progress but we lost a lot of time due to power outages thanks to last night's storm.
I am still out at home but living on the generator will get me by for a few days until they get the wires fixed in my area. Masts ripped off houses, transformers ripped apart, cables dangling in the road. A real party.
I need to clean the limbs up in my back yard too. :(

06-05-08, 06:18 PM
At least our favorite service guys are OK

06-05-08, 07:12 PM
Glad you're ok, Bill.

06-05-08, 07:44 PM
Thanks again, Bill. I appreciate everything you guys do!

06-05-08, 08:49 PM
Let me guess since you posted in the 09 forums...V2 drivetrain not will only be seen for sale in marine but as household/commercial generators?! :)


06-06-08, 08:32 AM
I wish... getting tired of paying for the gas to run the generator. They cleaned up a lot of debris yesterday but we still have a thrashed transformer and lines on the ground, mostly in back yards.
As a slap in the face, the power is up 2 houses down from us and all the way to the East. Traffic signals are working again everywhere (Thank God!) but we are still dead in the water. It is hot as you know what and without the A/C even my "green" home doesn't do well. I put a small window unit on the main floor to keep the fish alive but it will make the generator burn a little more gas I am sure. Could barely sleep last night with the heat.

I am really hoping for today.

It was kind of fun pulling a transmission out in the dark the other day. Easy to lower cars with no power, harder to get them back up in the air :lol:

06-06-08, 11:28 AM
damn bro
best of luck to ya Bill!

06-06-08, 03:17 PM
Just like Bill. Worrying about other guys cars with all the other crap he is dealing with. Hope it gets better for you soon.


06-06-08, 03:52 PM
Thanks for all your help guys.

I know its been a real pain in the butt

Thanks for painting my brake rotor hats for me

06-06-08, 05:57 PM
Well.... no dice.
Power is still out. Looks like I am headed to the gas station to feed the generator :crybaby:

Gotta get a chainsaw tonight to clean up the limbs in the back yard.
I'll post up some pics on my website or on photobucket.
My stuff isn't too bad but it still sucks.

I got most of you taken care of though. ;)
I still have 4 crazy jobs that will have to wait until Monday.

Thanks guys.
Send donations to...... :lol:

06-06-08, 06:38 PM

06-06-08, 10:29 PM
The juice is back on.
My upstairs is pretty hot but my other plans seemed to work out pretty well.
The main level stayed cool with the "emergency window unit". :lol:
They made me shut off the generator while they powered up the block but it took them 2 hours longer than they said it was so I was a bit cranky, but when all the lights came on I felt a lot better!

Thanks guys!