: 2nd Cadillac, but not the last...

01-17-03, 09:28 PM

I recently purchased my second Cadillac (and third ever American car) in December. I came across a low mileage '96 Fleetwood in Black and couldn't resist.

My previous Cadillac was a 1967 Coupe Deville. It was my weekend cruiser. It too was a low mileage car, that drew lots of comments.

If all goes well at work (more sales), I hope to buy a V-series CTS in the next few years. Another '60's or '50's Cadillac would also be fun to own.

Well, great site and I hope to be a Cadillac owner/forum member for many years too come.

Ohh, and my recent membership in the ImpallaSS forum lead me here.

01-18-03, 11:58 AM
Hi HotRodSaint! Welcome aboard! And thank you for signing up.. Would you happen to have any pictures of your cars? We're going to have an images section very soon. :) The '67 Coupe DeVille must have been real nice to look at. A '96 Fleetwood can be nothing less than beautiful.. I hope things go well so you can own a CTS-v soon.. I do hear so many great things about 'em.. I think it'll be a performance monster. :)

01-18-03, 12:15 PM
Thanks Sal.

I'm working on setting up a Cardomain site to download my photos too. I'll post the link when it's ready.

Come to think of it, I don't know that I ever took pictures of the '67. I'll have to search my photo books.

01-18-03, 01:38 PM
Cool.. We're going to have something similar to cardomain right here. :) Otherwise.. No pics of the '67? Darn... I hope you find atleast one!