: Post Tune-Up questions

06-03-04, 01:45 PM
Ok, I don't know if it was there before, I never noticed it, but I do now. A click sound every thirty or so seconds, which sounds like its coming from down below the belt tensioner area somewhere. I don't know how it could be related, but here's what's going on now. I just finished changing out the plugs and putting a K&N air filter in it. Fired it up and a few seconds later I hear a loud click, after that they come every once in a while, but not as loud, or maybe because it wasn't in the garage.
Also, the #2 and 3 cylinders had a bit more oil on the plugs than I think would be normal(they were wet on the threads, but the electrodes), but I have no leaks that drip to the floor...I'm not worried about this but thought I'd mention it and make sure.
Finally, when I shut it down after the quick li'l test drive, the a/c sounded like it was letting off pressure for about 20 seconds or so. Is this normal or do I have a leak in the A/C somewhere? So far, its worked almost as good as the A/C in my '83 Eldo, with no problems. I had a leaky O-Ring replaced because it had the green indicator all over it, but it works all right, I just don't know if the depressurization sound is normal.
Other than that, the car runs even better after the plug and air filter change, still very happy with it. The click is the only thing that worries me though, as I'm leaving in three days for a looong trip. Thanks a bunch!