: Yet another Gas Price thread....

06-03-08, 09:40 PM
The past 3 months have been interesting to watch from my perspective.

I own a Motorcycle, and have for a year now. When Im out Im always looking for other fellow 2 wheelers. We all wave at eachother (for the most part).

When I started out my commute to and from work was virtually "waveless" , only encountering one guy on the same yellow buell lightning every day. Every day we waved at eachother , going home and going to work. Im sure he like me vows one day to turn round and stop to set up a sunday ride. Thats just how it is with bikers that bump into eachother regularly. We prolly both dont earn much money so the motorcycle gets the miles while some 4 wheeled thing quietly rests at home.

Well things are changing , and Im getting carpel tunnel syndrome. All the way to work and all the way home Im waving at motorcycles. Ive even found myself in a pack of harleys or some other bikes going down the road all together (safety in numbers folks).

Motorcycle registrations in the past year alone have tripled, there are more of us out there.

Then there is another trend , the scooter. People who used to bomb around in a mid 80s Ford Crown Vic or early 90s dakota now take the mullet mayhem to the streets atop yamahas latest 50cc scoot. Its acutally sorta fun becuse these mulleteers will run a scooter thrught the corners so hard that there beer cans fly off the floorboard as they stick a foot out to keep themselves upright. Even the geratol and viagra addicts have gotten in on the game , old men still doing 20mph in the left lane , but the buick is home as the scooter is now hauling his warm carcass to the drug store for his heart pills.

In a way its nice to see more folks out there on 2 wheels. Its sad its came about this way.

Even sadder when I come home every day and see my pride and joy covered up with a solar panel keeping its battery charged hopeing to itself that one day its owner can once again afford to put gas in her and let her reclaim her status as the queen of the highway.

When it rains it looks as if shes crying herself to sleep becuse the real terrorists won.

06-03-08, 10:13 PM
yea it does suck.... ive been thinking about getting a motorcycle, but these damn crazy ass florida drivers are everywhere and i don't want to end up as road kill. im now paying $70 to fill-up my tank every 4-5 days, driving to college and work. my paychecks from working at costco go straight to gas now.... hydrogen or natural gas powered vehicles anyone....?

06-04-08, 12:21 AM
The past few semesters I've been driving my eldo to college and back 5 days a week (85 mile round trip each time). On average, my bill was under $350 a month. Now that gas is nearing $4.50 for regular over here, I just cant afford it. My monthly bill for next semester would be over $450 plus any food I might eat and any repairs my car may need. Instead of paying the gas bill, I have finally resorted to looking for a room for rent or a small apartment near the college. I have a list of possible ones that are under $425 a month... Even with that I would need to get a 3rd job to help pay for expenses during my next semester of college. I am currently a mechanic at a local auto shop and a service attendant at a local gas station, now I have to look for another job.

For those of us just getting started in life, it's F-ing hard!

Sorry, I'm gonna go off on a tangent now because this is something that interests me that I've studied for a long time.

Hydrogen is not a viable fuel. It is not found in its pure form anywhere on earth. Therefore, energy has to be put into extracting it from something. More energy is put into extracting it from whatever substance than is gained from its combustion..... Hydrogen is more like a battery. It's a way of storing energy.

Really if you think about it, we only get our energy from 3 sources: The sun, nuclear, and geothermal power.... Petroleum and oil in general is made from decomposed forests which got their energy from the sun. Wind and water power are also caused by convections that the sun caused.

So really the best sources of energy to advance upon would be solar and nuclear. Right now solar panels are only about 30% efficient. They can only convert about 30% of the light energy that they absorb into usable electricity. Nuclear power plants are very messy because they generate radioactive waste. Nuclear fusion is also something that is very very hard to contain (think hydrogen bomb). Cold fusion has never been able to generate more power than was put into the machine to cause it. Albert Einstein once said something along the lines of, Finding a way to make a sustainable power source with cold fusion "would be like going bird hunting in a pitch black night in a country where there are very few birds."

So, if there is a stock in the stock market for silicon I would buy it now because its price will rise dramatically as its demand increases because of its application in solar panels. lol

06-04-08, 12:36 AM
Some chick I know just bought one of these.


Brand new and delivered to her door it was $1299. I couldn't believe it was that cheap, but a little research online found that there are several dealers in the US that will ship it to your house for very close to that price. I rode it around and have to say it is quite a nice ride. It even has a touch sensitive alarm system.

06-04-08, 12:41 AM
I'd rather get this. Heh heh heh


Lord Cadillac
06-04-08, 11:10 AM
You could always get a Cadillac Cimarron:

MPG (city) 21
MPG (highway) 28
MPG (combined) 23

06-04-08, 12:08 PM
You could always get a Cadillac Cimarron:

MPG (city) 21
MPG (highway) 28
MPG (combined) 23

:gasp2: I'd get a Cadillac bicycle (http://www.cadillacbikestore.com/index.htm) first!


06-04-08, 10:27 PM
You could always get a Cadillac Cimarron:

MPG (city) 21
MPG (highway) 28
MPG (combined) 23

and the benefit of everyone asking you wtf is that....

06-05-08, 01:04 AM
Normally there is 1 or 2 bikes in our motorcycle parking at work on a nice day. When I went in last Friday there were 7 that ranged from a 1981 Honda to a brand new orange Hayabusa. Im actually starting to think about finding a used CBR600 for my 24 mile commute but its been quite a while since Ive actually ridden a bike.

06-07-08, 02:43 PM
There are about 75 people that work during my shift and everyday when I come to work and leave work there are probably 10-15 bikes there everyday.

06-07-08, 03:11 PM
Maybe Triumph, Norton, AJS, and BSA will stage a comeback. I would never ride a ricer, so that leaves Harley, Victory, some Italian makes, BMW, a couple of Spanish 2-strokes........but nothing like a Triumph 650 vertical twin to rattle your teeth on a winter's day.......not Vincent....too antique and unreliable.

06-07-08, 03:19 PM
I'm getting 43 to the gallon with this....